Olympic rings on a barg, on the river
Tuesday 2nd April 2024


A crowning achievement for the Port of Tilbury in recent years was its status as the main logistics centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The port was able to showcase its expertise in ship, barge, and rail transport and cargo handling. It demonstrated what a Tilbury-based portcentric logistics centre could achieve and this has continued across a broad range of sectors including retail, recycling, import, and export.​

The Port of Tilbury was chosen by the Games organising committee, LOCOG, not only for its key location, close to London, with the potential to help deliver the ‘Greenest Games in Modern Times’, but also for its ability to provide large-scale warehousing. The main logistics centre was a 550,000 sq. ft. hub next to Berth 46, close to the London Container Terminal.​

The London 2012 Olympic Games have been described as the biggest peacetime logistics operation in the world. Consignments included sand for the equestrian events, beanbags for the athletes’ village, flatpack furniture, table tennis balls, and boats for the sailing events.​​

The Port of Tilbury demonstrated their expertise across a range of cargo streams; including the delivery of containers by water from the Far East straight to the main Olympic venue at Stratford in East London without the load ever touching a road vehicle.​

The Port of Tilbury were able to scale up their services at short notice, developing successful relationships not only with LOCOG but also with its partners, UPS and the logistics company and warehouse operator Wincanton.​

In recognition of the Port’s role in the Games, the organising committee presented the Port with an Olympic torch, which can be seen proudly displayed at Head Office at Leslie Ford House, Tilbury.